The following table provides a quick classification of the edifying features of the worked example apps included in the documentation to enable you to readily find examples for specific programming tasks.

Example 1: KML Generation Example App KML Generation App Online

Example 2: Batch Geocoding Example App Batch Geocoding App Online

Example 3: Facility Location Optimisation Example App Facility Location Optimisation App Online

Section Feature Example 1: Example 2: Example 3
GUI Controlling the layout of widgets on the page within a step     *
Widgets Using the SimpleGrid widget * * *
  Using the Execute Function widget   * *
  Using the KML Map Widget * * *
  Using the Chart widget     *
SQLAlchemy Creating simple tables * * *
  Modelling a simple foreign key *   *
  Modelling a one to many relationship     *
  Modelling a unique constraint *   *
Interesting Engines Using PuLP to solve mathematical programs     *
  Calling a third party webservice   *