Tropofy Introduction

What makes Tropofy Unique


The Tropofy Platform allows you to deploy a web app without the need for any web development knowledge or experience.


Tropofy tries to abstract all the requirements of creating a modern web app into a minimal framework. You simply provide an object orientated interface to your solver, configure a gui, and customise a home page for your app. You may be surprised by how little code and knowledge is required to plug your problem solver into the Tropofy Platform.


With our documentation we aim to: prioritise readability; include many helpful worked examples; and comprehensively cover every aspect of the Tropofy Platform.


Tropofy is developed conservatively and tested exhaustively. The apps you use to interact with the Tropofy Platform are themselves written using the Tropofy Platform.

Features of the Tropofy Platform

The Tropofy Platform wraps up your idea, providing all the features required to turn it into a fully functioning web app. The Tropofy Platform includes:

  • a rich and responsive gui constructed using the Tropofy widget library
  • user management including sign up, trial subscriptions and recurring billing
  • session management or data sets for user’s data
  • example data to help users understand how your apps works
  • a customisable dedicated home page for your app
  • application and user base monitoring and performance
  • a scalable architecture
  • cross platform support
  • flexible hosting arrangements

How the Tropofy Platform Works

An app running on the Tropofy Platform uses the Tropofy Framework to enable communication between the Tropofy Server and a Tropofy Compute Node to create a web application.


The Tropofy Server: authentication, licensing, user and app management

A Tropofy Compute Node: hosts your intellectual property; stores your users and apps data; runs computations; configures the GUI; can be managed by you or by Tropofy on your behalf; can live in the cloud or within your network

Using the Tropofy Platform

The Tropofy Platform consists of a hosting environment to run your app and a python framework to build your app. The Tropofy framework wraps up your app for integration into the Tropofy Platform. There are three parts to a Tropofy app that you need to implement using the Tropofy framework:

  1. A definition of your apps gui assembled from the Tropofy python widget library
  2. An object orientated interface to your problem solver with python classes using SQLAlchemy
  3. Your problem solving code itself which must be callable from python