The Tropofy Platform

Tropofy is an innovative Python based web deployment platform for problem solvers. It uses a python framework to enable the deployment of apps to the cloud without the need for any web development knowledge or experience. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to wrap your idea in a web app, making it accessible to your customers anywhere in the world.

Here is one of the simplest Tropofy apps you can make,

from sqlalchemy.types import Text, Float
from sqlalchemy.schema import Column
from tropofy.database.tropofy_orm import DataSetMixin
from import AppWithDataSets, Step, StepGroup
from tropofy.widgets import SimpleGrid, KMLMap
from simplekml import Kml

class Store(DataSetMixin):
    name = Column(Text)
    latitude = Column(Float)
    longitude = Column(Float)

class MyKMLMap(KMLMap):
    def get_kml(self, app_session):
        kml = Kml()
        for store in app_session.data_set.query(Store).all():
            kml.newpoint(, coords=[(store.longitude, store.latitude)])
        return kml.kml()

class MyFirstApp(AppWithDataSets):
    def get_name(self):
        return "My First App"

    def get_gui(self):
        return [
            StepGroup(name='Stores', steps=[Step(name='Stores', widgets=[SimpleGrid(Store)])]),
            StepGroup(name='Map', steps=[Step(name='Map', widgets=[MyKMLMap()])])